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Phones-free Wedding! Why we advise an unplugged ceremony!

Nowadays everybody takes pictures at all the time and to everything, and a wedding is no exception!

This is the result of the advancement of technology and the influence of social media. Using phones, ipads or cameras to regist the moments and post it at facebook, instagram or just keep them private it’s something so usual on these days that sometimes people don’t really live those moments.

An unplugged wedding it’s about to enjoying the moment, it’s about to see the friends and family without a phone or camera in front of their faces, it’s about to seeing smiles, tears, joy and feel all the emotions present on this special day that you have decided to share with them.

Planning a wedding can take months or even one year, and hire a photographer is to trust him the responsibility of registering that day with all of those moments that happen quickly and only once. So deciding to have an unplugged wedding it’s to make sure that a simple detail won’t compromise the professional photos and consequently the memories from that day.

There is no need to ban these devices from the whole day, but going unplugged for the ceremony it’s something that should be a serious consideration.

Here are some tips on how to do it in a simple and understandable way to everyone:

Add a little message or note to your invite;

  • Place a sign at the ceremony entrance;

  • Ask your celebrant, priest, wedding planner or best man to make an announcement before the ceremony starts.


  • Share this post with your guests!

It is important to note that we believe that guests don’t stand up and intentionally try and ruin our pictures, we think that they just get excited and are caught up without noticing how that can be interfering with our work.

This is just a little reminder about guests who should be guests and put down the phones to fully experience what is happening in front of them!

This way everyone will have the chance to see pictures from this day and avoid this:

 Amber Wilkie Photography
Amber Wilkie Photography
Anna Delores Photography
Lurey Photography
David Stubbs Photography
Heidi Ryder Photography
Joel H. Garcia Photography

*Note: Although we have our own images to illustrate this subject, we’ve decide to publish images from internet (giving due credit) in order to not hurt any susceptibilities to our clients.


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